Lindsay's Apiaries

Training Videos

Short Informatinal Video Tutorials to help you with tricky tasks, Videos are hosted on our YouTube Channel Lindsays Apiaries

How To's

We are hoping to have a number of hints and tips videos under the title of 'Practical Beekeeping' but this will depend on the suitabillity of the material, Time involved traveling to interview people, and Frank getting off his arse and filming them.

Practical Beekeeping Episode 1

Rodger Bray shows us how he builds a tin covered Hive lid and base boards from his workshop in Canterbury

Practical Beekeeping Episode 2

Frank investigates a hive for American Foul Brood

Practical Beekeeping Episode 3

Cleaning up after finding American Foul Brood is essential before moving onto the next hive. John Randall shows the basic's of the decontamination procedure.